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The Karl Hirsch Fossil Eggshell Collection

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Random examples of fossil eggshells from around the world

Welcome to the Karl Hirsch Fossil Eggshell Collection Interactive Map

The fossils from the Karl Hirsch Collection along with other eggshell specimens described in the scientific literature have been plotted on a global map at the location they were discovered. Use the controls at left to start browsing the collection by geographic location, age, and more. Your results will be plotted on the map. Each search is cumulative so you can continually refine your search by selecting new criteria. Close all of the criteria in the "You browsed for" list to begin a new search.

When you close this message you will see a random selection of eggshell fossils from around the world!

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The authors would like to thank Toni Culver, Vertebrate Collections Manager, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, for her help with the organization of the Karl Hirsch eggshell collection and accumulating data and images for the website; and Jack Horner, Curator of Paleontology, Museum of the Rockies, for suggestions on how to make the information in the website more accurate and accessible.